Erotic massage London – a pure sensual encounter


Erotic massage London is an incredibly sensual encounter that removes the inhibitions, eliminates physical and emotional tension and also purifies ones body and soul. Most people have encounter certain moments of mental or emotional stagnation, usually as a consequence of negative thinking or repetitive stress. Erotic massage therapy is a perfect way to get rid of these negative thoughts or memories and improve your mood and well being. Even though erotic massage is of sexual nature, it is based on traditional Tantra theory. The references of erotic massage can be found in ancient art, as it was practiced by people through the centuries.

Tantric philosophy aims to reorganise the different facets of human nature with the view that a person should enjoy every aspect of his life. The idea is that the person can enjoy his everyday life only of his body and sole is in harmony.  This truly is the fundamental aim of the sensual erotic massage. Anybody can benefit from an erotic massage doesn’t matter whether you are on the giving or receiving end of it, since it can teach you better understanding of human body, energy flow and various  tantric massage techniques.  Additionally, you can find a  variety of guides on the different techniques and methods to improve your massage skills.

We have a selection of experienced sensual massage therapists that can perform an erotic massage on you or teach you how to massage your partner in order to improve your intimacy and sex life.

When booking an erotic massage London please remember that it is not a simple rub and tug and hand relief, it is a amazingly sensual experience that should be enjoyed patiently and appreciated. Even though sensual erotic massage is similar to other massage therapies there is no a single approach or methodology that should be applied as it  is very intuitive. Instead, erotic massage requires a connection and communication between partners in order to determine the best and the most comfortable way of performing this sensual therapy. Trust and respect is a vital component of every sensual massage session, so it is essential that both you and your sensual massage therapist are relaxed throughout the massage session and can interact with each others about the erotic needs and desires. it is a wonderful way to try various new techniques but you need to be aware of your partner’s boundaries.

When planning an erotic massage London session, there are number of options available. You can have sensual massage in your home or hotel or you can visit a tantric massage therapist at her own incall location.  Depending on how adventurous you are, you can have tantric massage with one masseuse or four hands massage with two massage therapists; and if you feel really adventurous you can have three sensual massage therapists at the same time.

Whatever  the location of you sensual massage, the ambiance is what makes the difference.  Dimmed lights, soft music, nice  smells create a calming and inviting atmosphere and keep away the noises and distractions of the outer world. Remember to turn off your mobile phone as an unexpected call can ruin a mood and atmosphere.  Room temperature need to be slightly warmer than usual as erotic massage requires a complete nudity of both partners.

Almost every erotic massage London session commences with some breathing techniques created to relax your mind and body and also improve blood circulation. Your Erotic massage will  begin with gentle but firm swedish massage techniques in order to ease the muscles tension and remove the blocks. Every muscle from you head to your toes will be massaged and caressed by skilful hands of your sensual tantric massage therapist. She then will use her nude body for the ultimate body to body massage. her naked breasts, hands, hips will slide and glide slowly and gently all over your aroused body.  Sexual arousal is a common and expected reaction to a sensual and erotic stimulation so you don’t need to be embarrassed or try to overcome those feelings and reactions.

Then, your sensual massage therapist will spend enough time to stimulate the front of your body, including the most sensitive genital area. Various techniques and equipment can be used to stimulate and arouse the body. Nipples’ playing, fingertip techniques, hot breathing, feathers or silk scarfs can be incorporated into your erotic massage session. Tantric Lingam or Yoni massage is an important part of every erotic massage session, and consist of the slow and gentle stimulation of the genital area including your buttox and upper inner thighs. Your skilled tantric massage therapist is going to gradually build up  sexual arousal and desire thought this stage, leading you to the brink of orgasm and then moving back. it is recommended not to focus on orgasm as an aim but relax and enjoy the lasting pleasure of this highly sensual and erotic experience. Slow Lingam massage usually leads to the most wonderful and unforgettable whole body orgasm that you will remember for a long time.