Tantra and Tantric Massage in London

            The word Tantra, in Sanskrit has a few different meanings.  One is “weaving the web”, such as web of life, and being fully one with, and understanding all aspects of life; the other is of a tool for “growth and enlightenment”.  The tantric practices, bring these two meanings together.  The philosphy and ideology of tantric practices are somewhat lost in mystery, but have been known and followed by its devout believers for thousands of years. One of the many facets of tantra, is its sexual  and sensual side practiced in many places as sensual massages.

            A tantric massage, is a form of an erotic massage that practices the principles of tantra.  It is accepting and nonjudgmental.  It is about balance and pleasure, and making that pleasure last as long as possible.  The balance is not only about the balance between the male and female, but its about the male and female sides of us within us.  Tantric massages are designed to allow us to be vulnerable, completely honest with our body and our partner, exposed, and willing to be exposed.  Through a sensual massage, the partners will show each other how pleasurable every part of their beautiful body is.

            If you are searching for a tantric massage London has a wonderful place for you to experience what tantra has to offer you.  London Tantric Nymphs, practice tantra, uniting balance, sensuality, and erotica.  You’ll experience all aspects of your pleasure, you’ll breathe, and raise and lower your body to the beat of life, and feel all that your body could feel.  Our bodies can feel more than we allow them.  London Tantric Nymphs will allow your body to feel, to sense, to understand our nymph’s lightest touch.

            There are different types of tantric massages available.  Tantric lingam is a sacred erotic massage practicing tantra principles in showing men pleasure, and reveal the intensity of their feeling and their sacred spot.  Tantric yoni is the other side of the rainbow, showing a woman how her body can be worshiped, and how her sacred spot can bring her enlightenment, closeness and intimacy without shame or judgment. Couple’s massage also offers an unforgettable experience for those lovers who dare experience the pleasures of a tantric massage.  So come, close your eyes, and breathe, then experience what a deep look into a person’s eyes, a light naked touch of your skin, and the warmth of your masseuse’s hands can bring you an ecstasy you never thought possible before.