Tantric Yoni Massage London

Tantric Massage London:

Tantric massage is a massage that practices the philosophy and principles of tantra.  A tantric massage is similar to a sensual or an erotic massage but it offers much more than a simple massage.  A tantric massage is designed to enhance the human sexual pleasures as well as their ability to connect with their partners and feel their pleasurable touch more intensely.  Tantra teaches balance, and balance is practiced through the art of learning to give, and learning to receive.  London Tantric Nymphs bring you an opportunity to experience the depths  of your power of ecstacy.

Yoni Massage

One of practices of tantric massage, is yoni massage designed as a sensual massage for women. A yoni massage allows the woman to relax and have her sacred spot stimulated while her body is admired and worshiped and all her senses are awakened.  A woman spends so much of her time giving that many forget how to receive.  A tantric yoni massage reminds the woman of her ability to receive and the pleasures that lies within receiving the love and appreciation of a partner.Tantric Yoni massage London

She will have the opportunity to lie down and listen deeply to her emotions, and experience the enlightenment tantra promises by the means of knowing hands that know her curves and what she desires.  In tantra, the “how” of touch is more important than “what” it touches.  The London Tantric Nymphs will touch her in the most knowing way possible, allow her to rise and fall with her own pleasures and set her sensuality free to reach its fullest strength.  She will relearn what it means to be admired, and she will reunite with her spiritual and sensual beginnings, experiencing a harmony that perhaps she has not felt for as long as she can remember.

A tantric yoni cannot be described in words.  It is something that needs to be experienced.   A tantric yoni, once experienced, will leave its impression forever on the mind, awakening the desire for uniting with the web of life and experiencing balance and harmony.   When you receive a tantric yoni, you will not be ashamed, for tantra is not judgemental.  You will feel safe, and you will basque in the shower of the sensations you had long forgotten or had never felt before, and remember it thereafter.