Welcome to Tantric Massage London Nymphs – London’s best Secret Tantric Garden. We are offering an incredible fairy tale like experience of tantric sexuality, somewhere between reality and your deepest sexual fantasy. Our aim is to create and provide the best quality of massage services in London for men, women and couples with your physical, mental and spiritual well-being in mind.

Our tantric massage london Nymphs offer absolutely unique tantric erotic massage experience full of intimacy and sensuality. Let the playful, youthful and sensual massage therapists take you on a journey to complete ecstasy of love and passion. Our sensual massage london Nymphs have incredibly unique and different personalities, they are gorgeous, intelligent and simply the best in Tantric Massage.

Tantric massage London therapists don’t take Tantra and tantric massage just as a chosen profession, it is a way of life, a life path that our little Nymphs have chosen for themselves. Every our massage therapist is extensively trained and highly experienced. That’s why the quality of erotic massages is outstanding.

Our sensual massage therapists don’t take their work for granted, they work intuitively with each client to deliver into their specific needs and desires, as well as to create a unique tale of passion and adoration. We pick the London sensual massage therapists for their looks, personalities and skills; which is an essential combination necessary to deliver a very personal and intimate service such as sensual massage. Tantric Massage Therapy is a highly erotic and sensual encounter which requires not only physical attraction but also a mental connection between a masseuse and the client.

Tantric massage London Nymphs are highly skilled, all of which will discuss with you as to what you’d be expecting from the therapy so they can assist you into selections you should try. You are going to be entirely cozy, in case you really feel self-assured your Nymph will assist you to conquer these conditions, Tantric Nymphs are extremely knowledgeable and have observed and assisted many individuals, both males and females, with many different issues.

We adjust the ancient Tantra practices to the modern requirements while preserving their essence and deep truth. Every sensual massage session is designed with the client’s personal requirements in mind in order to create the most relaxing but highly erotic and unforgettable experience.

Tantric massage London Nymphs offer you a wide selection of massage therapies as well as extensive list of extras that can be mixed and matched at your request. We are committed to custom made each and every session for  all our clienteles, so feel free to discuss with our friendly receptionists all you needs and desires.

For those who are seeking in incall tantric massage services we offer a number of location: Notting Hill Gate (W11), Sloane Square (SW3), Bayswater (W2), West Kensington (W14). Please refer to our Gallery of sensual massage therapists for more details.

Tantric massage London Nymphs are also offering Visiting (OUTCALL) massage services in Central London.

Our friendly receptionists are here to help so if you need an advice on the most suitable massage therapy or not sure which sensual massage therapist to choose, do not hesitate to contact us and your requests or concerns will be dealt with care, professionalism and attention.


Nymphs are distinct from goddesses, they are usually considered as heavenly souls who animate mother nature and thus  produce love and passion. They are frequently described being beautiful, fascinating and charming. Nymphs are youthful nubile maidens who are known for dancing, singing or just for entertaining, captivating and amusing. Their passionate freedom position them different from the chained and chaste spouses, daughters of the Greek polis or too serious Goddesses. Nymphs are presumed to dwell in highland, mountain tops, by springs and streams, as well as in trees and shrubs, plants and chilly valleys. Nymphs are associated with love and this is where we come from – Tantric Nymphs.