Couples Massage London

Our Tantric massage for couples was created for couples that are stuck in the routine and ready to try something new or to add spice to their marriage and sexual life. Several couple session therapies could actually help improve that spiritual connection between the two of you while at the same time generate deep intimate desires for each other. Tantric massage for couples is often recognized as probably one of the greatest approaches to enrich a relationship and reach a greater level of fulfillment. We offer two couples massage London options:

Tantric massage for couples

This couples massage option is aimed to enhance the couples intimacy and sex life. You and your partner will be massaged simultaneously, while you are laying peacefully next to each other. Sensual moves will be followed by more intense strokes and stimulation. Nude body to body (b2b) massage technique is already incorporated our sensual massage for couples and is used to enhance the arousal. Lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women are the culminating point of  our London tantric massage for couples for  the perfect happy ending of the session.

Erotic Couples Massage London

This option allows you to have more intimate and personal sensual experience. During erotic couples massage session your tantric massage therapist will teach you how to give sensual massage to your partner. If you are interested to learn various tantric techniques that can be experimented with at home then we recommend to book a 90 minutes massage session. The tantric massage therapist of your choice will explain how the tantric breathing techniques and meditation works as they play an important role in enhancing the quality of the orgasm and controlling the arousal and bodily responses to sensual and erotic stimulation. She will also show how to give lingam massage and yoni massage that leads to the whole body orgasms. You can arrange this erotic couples massage as a Valentine gift for your partner.

Lingam and Yoni massage therapy are optional but highly recommended with any sensual massage for couples session. If the two of you are completely comfortable with this erotic treatment and would like to finish the massage session with a happy ending, then the blend of Lingam massage for men and Yoni massage for women are without a doubt the perfect way to implement it. Like all of our massage services, the whole experience may be customized and fine-tuned based on the preferences and preferences of both partners.

Anyone can take advantage of Tantric massage therapy. Book your massage session today and enjoy the absolute breath-taking sensations of massage treatment personally.


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